Spring break is over and finals are just around the corner, its scary, I know.  But at the same time another scary and stressful situation is packing up your dorm room or apartment and figuring out what to do with all your stuff before you take off for the summer.  The last thing you want to do is pack everything up take it back home and then unpack and haul it back to school once the summer is over (blah) so what do you do? Put it in STORAGE!!!  Its easy, pack it and store it...DONE! Now you can go back home and enjoy your summer knowing that your belongings are safe and secure!  Here are some tips to help with storing your stuff! 
  • Find the right self storage facility
When it comes to choosing the right storage facility to store your things, you want to make sure its close to the university.  Look for a storage facility that is near you, its usually those facilities that are offering student discounts and understand the lengths of time you’ll be needing the storage unit. You want to make sure your items are close enough to the school to ensure that moving isn't such a task. 
  • Storage Unit Size

Ok, so now that you have a place to store, you need to know what size to get. Majority of students usually get a 5x5 unit, which is about the size of a walk-in closet so its perfect for boxes, mini fridge and other small items. Now if you have more furniture than boxes, a 5x10 storage unit would work a lot better.  You’ll have more room to organize things like a bedroom set or even a couch would fit nicely.  Another great thing about the 5x10 size is if its too big for you, why not share? You and your roommate could totally share a storage unit.
  • Storage Unit Type

Some people don't even know that we have three different types of storage units, drive up units, climate controlled units and dust controlled units.  So which one should you choose? Well, its best to choose a drive up unit if you have a lot of heavy items that you don't want to haul them around through a building. But if you want your items stored indoors and with protection from dust and whatever crazy weather Lubbock decides to have, then climate and dust controlled units are for you! Climate and dust controlled units will protect your dorm items from dust, rain, and the sun. When you get back from your long summer away, you wont have to worry about furniture damage or books being destroyed, your stuff will be just the way you left it. 

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